Voice-over-IP — Products and systems

Voice-over-IP — Products and systems

Along with the ongoing synthesis of classical telecommunications and IT technology IP telephony will gain evidence in the future and is going to dominate standard telephony in some areas like home offices or global small and medium enterprises. netea is buildig products and systems for IP telephony. In combination with your requirements netea will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Voice over IP Systems

netea smartway 500

netea smartway 500 series is a private telephony switch based on IP telephony and SIP. It combines Internet access functions (router, firewall, VPN) with a full featured SIP server (VoIP switch), voice mail server and secure telephony server. It can be equipped with standard SIP phones to build a complete VoIP exchange that is scaleable and can be integrated into worldwide enterprise networks. Multiple smartways can be meshed to directly interconnect subsidiaries and home offices. Certainly, a smartway 500 can be equipped with an ISDN interface for direct interconnection with a standard digital telephone network.

netea 500 series is build into a small, office compatible compartment and can be installed without additional server racks.

netea smartway 600

netea smartway 600 series is the model with higher performance and is suitable to be installed into a 19" compartment. It is designed for enterprises and subsidiaries and allows up to 4 ISDN BRI connections (8 channels). The high performance server hardware allows a larger number of concurrent VPN connections.

Voice over IP products of partners

We also offer additional hardware of different manufacturers and distributors to supply a complete VoIP solution. Take advantage of neteas know-how with VoIP systems when building your voice over IP solution.

We supply the following products and systems:

Services for the realisation of VoIP service platforms

Enterprise class VoIP systems

According to Gartner the use of voice over IP technologies will rapidly growing. Global and medium size enterprises switching to VoIP may expect substantial savings in telecommunications costs, ranging from the invest in lower priced but nevertheless future-proof VoIP technology to lower rates (up to zero cost) for phone calls. Further the new technology allows a broad integration into business systems which will lead to more efficient business processes.

netea smartway is well suited to connect subsidiaries and home offices to the enterprise network. The integrated firewall and VPN technology allows secure connectivity while smartway also integrates a local VoIP system with the enterprise exchange. Using this technology, an employee is reachable with its single phone number at his workplace, in his home office or even in a hotel when connecting his or her notebook to the enterprise network. For all these communication scenarios, no telephone costs will apply, as all calls are transmitted over the Internet. netea smartway connects subsidiaries and the enterprise reliable, secure and efficient.

Along with netea smartway netea also supplies complete systems based on the open source telephony server Asterisk and the operating system Linux. These systems come with complete configuration and are installed ready for use.

Carrier class VoIP systems

Modern Internet access service providers should supplement their service offer with a VoIP service to be able to provide an up-to-date media service mix. netea supports service providers with the conception, implementation and operation of VoIP platforms and telephony gateway solutions. netea has already provided these services to German Internet access service providers and is continuing to support the operation of their platforms with maintenance contracts. The build VoIP platforms were based on Linux systems with E1 interconnects to the telephone system or carrier grade SIP gateways. Voice mail functionality can be provided with Asterisk software, while the SIP handling is carried out with a SIP Express Router. Directory services integration or RADIUS support for authentication and billing is also possible.