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Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus

BusinesSecure Antivirus offers easy to use and efficient antivirus protection with centralised management and minimal performance penalties. With its preventive technology BusinesSecure is protecting against known and even yet unknown viruses or malware.

Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus Exchange

Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus Exchange offers the same level of protection as Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus but includes protection of Microsoft Exchange Servers.

The Microsoft Exchange Server protection scans every sent or received mail of the server. Attachments are scanned, suspicious files are discovered with heuristic scans, business information strategies are applied with filtering for unsolicited contents and spam is blocked before it reached the receivers mailbox. All functions are managed with AdminSecure, which offers centralised management of the complete functionality and supports centralised deployment of Antivirus system software.

Panda EnterpriSecure Antivirus

Panda EnterpriSecure is a security solution for heterogeneous computer networks. In addition to the functionality of Panda BusinesSecure Antivirus it offers protection to Domino servers, SMTP mail gateways or perimeter servers. Further it includes modules for Microsoft Proxy-Server 2.0 and Microsoft ISA Server as well as the feature to delete malicious code directly in a CVP compatible firewall.

Panda GateDefender Performa

Panda Gatedefender is a network appliance that allows high performance scanning of all network traffic passing it. Typically it is used along with a firewall to filter all Internet traffic reaching the enterprise. It is able to block viruses, spam, unsolicited web content or other threads from the Internet and supports your enterprise protection.

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